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Dakabin, Queensland


The Main Hall

Set the Hall up however your group wishes to. This blank canvas has seating for 450 (the Hall will fit 500-550 depending on seating arrangment), a roll out stage (7.6m x 2.7m) and the hall is conveniently located only 17m away from the Dining Hall. Fully Airconditioned should your group wish to use it but the natural ventilation also works well on the cooler days. The closest toilets are either down the ramp or stairs at the rear of the hall but many wish to use their own ensuite in their room because these are still only 65-85m away depending on your allocation.

The Dining Hall

Seating 250, you and your group have the choice as to how involved you want to be in assisting our staff in the fully catered kitchen. You can choose to help with the serving and dishes or sit back and we can do it all for you - its our way of helping you lower costs for your group should you desire. Just like all the facilities you can set-up and decorate the dining hall and take advantage of the TV, Projector Screen and the PA System for meal time entertainment.

Halls 1, 3 & 4

Watson Park boasts a number of halls around our facility available for hire, these range in size and layout and for the summer months Halls 3 and 4 are Airconditioned for your groups comfort. These halls are located on the outskirts of the accommodation and are wheelchair accessable and range in distance from the dinning hall of 160-230m depending on the Hall.

Swimming Pool

25 meters of summer bliss awaits you at our pool facility and is free for use by all Watson Park guests outside of bookings by external parties. The pool is available for hire at nights as it can be floodlit and with a toilet block close at hand, fun is located just up the hill - Groups are responsible for their own water safety requirements set by their insurer /organisation. 


Sporting Facilities

Apart from the swimming pool, other sporting facilities on offer at Watson Park include a basketball court, volley ball court and ovals. If your group is even sportier, then there are other ovals, tennis courts and an indoor sports centre available for hire from Northpine Christian College located on the corner of our property. We can broker all communication and bookings with them and organise payments on your behalf so you only have to worry about one invoice.

051A7875 (29).jpg
The Chapel

If you or someone in your group is interested in heritage you may wish to have a look at our Chapel which used to be the Haden Seventh-day Adventist Church (North West of Towoomba) with no power to the building you can relive the old world charm of a country church complete with a classroom at the rear.

Toilet and Shower Facilities

One of the great things about the set-up here at Watson Park is that you are never to far away from two things, a tap and a toilet. We have seven toilet and shower facilities located around the park. 

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